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Do you always find you’re out of the perfect outfit or accessory even with a full closet? Well we are a service that sends you a box of perfectly styled products every month automatically while you save of time and money not worrying about crowded shopping malls and confusing return policies of stores. Get a personal stylist assigned to you permanently who curates a box for you every month with fresh new looks while you let go of your wardrobe worries and go out and dazzle the world!

You get to keep the box for a month and at the end you get a new box with brand new styles keeping your style fresh and chic month after month.

Sorry :( you cannot buy the handbags that you receive. You can just rent them.

All our products are 100% authentic (we think counterfeits are way uncool )

Unfortunately no, you cannot keep the handbag for longer than the subscription duration. But if you really loved it, leave a good feedback and we'll try our best to send it to you again.

We understand that you would want to pick the best product from our inventory. But all our products are just amazing. We don't want you to go through the hassle of finding the perfect product. Our stylist does that for you.

If you really loved a certain handbag make sure that you leave an amazing review and write a note to your Stylist in the comments section. If that product is available our stylist will definitely try her best to send it to you again.

All our products go through a thorough Quality Check. Once any handbag comes back to us from a customer, our Quality Assurance team follows a Quality Check Process. If there are any stains or marks, they’re carefully removed and the handbag is sanitized before it goes to another customer.

We schedule returns for you and send you an email reminder when its time for you to return your box. All you have to do is pack the handbag in the same box that you received it in and hand it over to our shipping partner who will come to your door step to receive it.

Want to a plan that is more suited to your needs? Easy peasy :) Log onto your profile and click on change plan to select one that is perfect for you. Once you send your current monthly box back the new one will have the products styled to the plan you selected.

We aim to satisfy 100% of our customers but if you wish to cancel please let us know how we can do better. We can’t wait to have you back :(

It’s easy! Log in to your Account and click on Resume Service. You're back to getting the best handbags at a steal of a price again!

We understand accidents happen. If the product gets damaged our Quality Control team will assess the damages once the handbag is returned and inform you of the damage fee. The amount is automatically deducted from your security deposit. You start your next month by paying off the difference and still sporting those awesome products our stylist designs for you!

Our handbags come with tamper resistant barcode stickers. If the barcode tag is missing or is different from the original one, then it suggests that the handbag was swapped. In this case, we deduct the entire deposit amount and possible pursue legal actions as per our Terms and Conditions.

You can get your security deposit back once you Cancel the service and send your current monthly box back. The Quality Assurance team will go through their Quality Check process and decide if any damage fee or late fee has to be deducted. Once this process is complete the remaining deposit will be refunded to you.